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CBT-I Program: 

5-week Insomnia Treatment

One-to-one CBT-I Program: 
The program runs for 5 weeks, with each session lasting between 70 and 90 minutes.
There is an initial assessment beforehand (charged separately), to discuss your sleep issues, your lifestyle and background and to check for any other causes for your difficulty sleeping.
8 weeks after the final session, there is a follow-up, lasting up to 20 minutes (included).

We see our clients on a one-to-one basis so that we can offer personal and tailored support. This way we can address your individual concerns and fears and help you to work out your personal sleep requirements. For the duration of the programme, you will be able to email with any questions or concerns, even if it’s just for moral support!

Fees start at £850 for individuals,
£475 for small groups

Individual Personal Therapy:

Weekly psychotherapy

Insomnia is usually triggered and/or made worse by life events, stress and anxiety. Psychotherapy helps you to work on the deeper aspects of your life.

Often we struggle with our thoughts and experiences that can leave us feeling alone with our troubles. When we speak to someone who is open and empathic, we can begin to make sense of our lives so that we can move forward.
This is a journey that we will take together. It is based on confidentiality, non-judgementalism and acceptance.

I work with people from all walks of life and with varying concerns or worries. Be it anxiety, stress, depression, relationships or low self-esteem, to name a few.

We meet weekly for 50 minutes, each week at the same time. Currently I work online and in-person in Finchley.  I work with short, medium and open-ended therapy – it is up to you and entirely flexible. 

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Fees start at £95 per session
ZOOM OFFER £75 per session


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